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Portraits and Merge

Three layers; one of them, I changed the hue to give it a red tint.

Merged photos. I like how after I merged them, the flag was still a focus in the picture.

These girls were chill, and let me meander around them for a good 15 minutes. They were curious about the project and asked about photo class.

I didn’t ask these girls specifically if I could photograph them. They seemed to be in a deep conversation, and I wanted to capture that essence.

My friend Sam. She wasn’t too keen on me photographing her, so I tried to get a shot where she would feel most comfortable.

This guy was a great subject. When I asked if I could photograph him, he seemed fairly unfazed by it.

Before, and after. I cropped the photo and used the clone stamp tool to edit of the foot that was still in the upper left hand corner.