Final Portfolio

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Photo Story

This is a photo story of children of HIV infected parents, often they can not get proper education, which leads to poverty later on in life. These are photos of NGO’s free schooling to help children build their futures. I think it’s a big deal and problem that kids brought up in poverty in 3rd world countries have a slim chance of a good successful future and are 9 times out of 10 children who if were given the right education could grow up and use their talents, interests and knowledge to bring them far in life but most of them will neer have the chance.

This is my favorite photo:


The photo on the left of the baby I love, I like that the lighting makes the baby the focus of  the photo. The lighting is harsh making the baby pop out.

The photo on the right of the bride is awesome. I love the use of sunlight in photos, the shadow of the trees on the doors I think adds a lot to the photo.

3 techniques

The first photo is what I chose for vertical, it’s just a simple picture but taken vertically. The second photo is what I chose for the rule of thirds, it is a little off but close. The third photo I chose for the part of a scene. I captured just the upper body & helmet instead of the person and whole snowmobile.